Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I received a Kobo eReader from my husband for Christmas.  While I love the portability and lightweight features, especially when traveling, I discovered the tried and true method of reading the first 3 pages of a prospective historical fiction novel was no longer an option.  This was my benchmark for deciding whether a HF novel stayed on the shelf or came home with me.

Now, I am developing another strategy before I spend money on a historical fiction novel.  I began reading historical fiction reviews.  I prefer reviews other than Amazon or Chapters/Indigo.  After all, they are in the business of selling digital books and have a vested interest in presenting a historical fiction novel in the most enticing light.

I read, on average, one novel each week, unless it is a particularly lengthy epic.  After almost 4 decades of reading HF (a passion since my mother brought Little Women home from the library when I was around 10.  In fact, I was so in love with the genre, I spent several months shortening  my middle name, Elizabeth, to "Beth" in honor of my tragic heroine.), I certainly believe I have the experience to separate the wheat from the chaff.

If you are looking for reviews of romance historical fiction, you won't find them here.  If you want honest, perceptive reviews of quality HF novels, this is the blog to visit. I used to believe that, if I read the first chapter of a novel and hated it, I had to finish what I started.  No longer.  If a HF novel is abysmal, it's not worth my time to read it or your time to read a review.

Not all the HF novels I read are great.  If that's the case, the review will reflect that.  The vast majority will rank as good, excellent or exceptional as I have gained expertise in assessing novels and authors.

I am also a writer.  I began with creative writing, turned to technical freelance writing for several years and, recently, returned to creative writing.  No, I have not published a book (yet).  This minor detail does not detract from my credentials, however.  I understand plot, character development, conflict, setting, theme and the myriad of other components contained within a historical novel.  I write on a daily basis.

I frequently research details after reading a historical fiction novel to find out more information or, even, how closely the novel follows generally accepted history.  After this many years of double-checking, I have a fair amount of knowledge.

Reviews will be rated on a scale of  1 to 5 stars, as this will make comparisons with other reviews equitable.

First up in a few days:  The Redemption of Alexander Seaton.

Hope to see you then.

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