Monday, June 13, 2011

10 Facts About Myself

Today's blog is definitely off topic about historical fiction novel reviews.  A friend challenged me to publish a blog including 10 facts about myself.  So, here goes:

  1. I abhor snakes.  I will, and have, run away from dead snakes.  On a recent bike ride with my husband, I asked him to tell me the curled up thing on the side of the road was a really thick green shoelace.  He quite cheerfully replied, "No, it was a snake."  No help there.
  2. Rats are tied with snakes for extreme phobias.  I grew up in a city with ditches that teemed with rats.  When we were moving into a new home, I parked my car on the road, next to a ditch, so the moving truck could park in the driveway.  Staring complacently, as if it knew my fear, was a rat on the other side of the ditch.  If I could have found another home within the hour, I would have.
  3. I spent the first 35 years of my life trying to conform to the definition of "normal" (I can hear the laughter already) and the last 13 years of my life reveling in the discovery of who I am and who I can be aspire to be.  Let's just say, I'm not normal and I'm perfectly okay with that.
  4. I am a writer (okay, that one was obvious), half-marathon runner (14 to date), endurance cyclist, singer (I sang my first solo performance 2 weeks ago so I feel I've earned that title) and gardener.  Great stress therapy, but, in actuality, a therapist would probably be cheaper.
  5. I just received an invitation to my high school graduation 30 year reunion.  Fortunately, I'm riding 200k on my bike for charity that weekend.  Definitely the lesser of the 2 evils.  I will feel much younger doing the bike ride.
  6. I am the mother of 21 and 24 year old sons (now that makes me feel old), a daughter, a wife, an auntie and niece.  I love all my roles.  My children are under strict instructions, however, that I am not to be a grandmother before I hit 50 and only after I have chosen their wives.  Does laughter mean: "Yes, Mom"?
  7. I have lived my entire live surrounded by males.  I am an only daughter and the mother of sons.  At least my dog is female.  
  8. I am stubborn as all hell and have no intention of changing my attitude, sometimes to the consternation of my husband.
  9. I didn't start talking until I was about 3 years old.  Apparently, I haven't stopped since.
  10. I am blessed with the most wonderful, supportive friends and family.  I thank God for all of you. xoxo

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