Saturday, April 7, 2012

A - Z April Blogging Challenge - F - FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS by Sherry Jones

Four Queen, All Sisters by Sherry Jones is the tale of the four daughters of Beatrice in 13th Century Provence.  Beatrice grooms her daughters to become queens, which, in time, they duly ascend the thrones of France, England, Sanchia and Sicily as Queens.  All is well until the sisters' father passes away.  The immense House of Savoy, so carefully constructed by Beatrice, falls apart as each sister pursues her believed claim to Provence.  The story is written in 4 voices, each of the sisters, revealing a sibling rivalry that illustrates how thin the line between love and hate truly is.
Having read Sherry Jones's excellent The Jewel of Medina, I am looking forward to reading Four Queens, All Sisters.

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