Saturday, April 14, 2012

A-Z April Blogging Challenge - M - MISTRESS OF ROME by Kate Quinn

Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn is her debut novel told from a Judean slave girl's perspective.  Unfortunately, she is the property of a jealous and vengeful woman, who proceeds to ruin slave Thea's  love for a gladiator.

Thea becomes a singer for aristocrats and the Emperor of Rome is taken with her.  She becomes his mistress, but life with the Emperor is fraught with dangers as eminent and plebeian characters seek to destroy him.  Thea has no choice other than to evolve as his saviour against deadly conspiracies.

I've "heard" a lot of chatter within the writing community and from readers who are enthralled with Kate Quinn's Rome series.  As I mentioned in the first blogging challenge, my theme is "books I'd like to read".

So, I requested all the books I will be listing during April from the library.  Three of the titles were unavailable and, as you will discover, I've had to be creative with "x".  Well, 16 of these books arrived all on the same day!  I have my work cut out for me.

I am about 75% through Becoming Marie Antoinette and my next book up is Mistress of Rome.  I will blog reviews of both books in the coming weeks.  

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