Thursday, April 26, 2012

A-Z April Blogging Challenge - V - VIVALDI'S VIRGINS by Barbara Quick

Vivaldi's Virgins by Barbara Quick is set in Venice in the early 18th century.  Anna Maria Dal Violin, abandoned as an infant, lives in a foundling home with Antonio Vivaldi, a maestro and composer.

Anna Maria, intent on discovering her origins, is immersed in the 18th century Venice music world as she searches for answers to her parentage.

A quote from Publisher's Weekly:  "Anna Maria's strong spirit shines throughout...Quick creates a hauntingly authentic setting rife with cruel punishments and brief moments of grand rewards."

Sounds enticing....


  1. I hope you will read VIVALDI'S VIRGINS, Darlene--and that you'll let me know how you like it. The paperback came out in 2008, and the novel has been translated into 15 languages now. Please visit my website (not noted on the cloth edition) for more information about Venice, Vivaldi, and Anna Maria della Pieta. There's a free download of music there, too, if you'd like to listen to it while reading the novel:

    Cheers and best,

    1. I most definitely plan to read the book Barbara! Thanks for the info about your website. I can include it in my review.