Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A-Z April Blogging Challenge - J - JOCASTA The Mother-Wife of Oedipus by Victoria Grossack and Alice Underwood

Jocasta: The Mother-Wife of Oedipus by Victoria Grossack and Alice Underwood is my choice for today's post for 2 reasons:  First, I want to read it and, second, Victoria Grossack, has been my instructor for writing lessons.  And, a most excellent instructor I must say.

Anyway, onto the story line.  The setting is the Greek Bronze Age and the mythology surrounding Oedipus.  However, the authors have written this novel (the first in a series of 4) from Oedipus' mother's point-of-view.  A woman treated harshly by life and those surrounding her, Jocasta is eventually doomed to marry her son, although she falls in love with him without realizing he is indeed her son.  After his birth, his father sent him away because it was foretold that Oedipus would kill him.

Touted as a different slant on this famous Greek mythological tale, reviews have been excellent.

My order of the series shipped April 6 so I should receive them any day.  And, yes, I will blog my reviews.


  1. I am just so in awe of you historical-buffs. The Greek bronze-age all the way back to Oedipus! I'll be watching for your review (found you on Pinterest, btw, by matching your photo here and also that you live in Canada :-) )

  2. Hey Susan. So cool you found me on Pinterest. Confirmation that it is a useful tool.

  3. Hi, I love historical fiction. Have you ever read the Elswyth Thane Books of the 1950's? Dawn's Early Light is one of them. American Revolution was the time period they were about. Best regards to you. Ruby

  4. No, Ruby, I've not heard of these books. Will have to check those out.