Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A-Z April Blogging Challenge - T - THE RUBY RING by Diane Haeger

The Ruby Ring by Diane Haeger was an easy choice for me in choosing a post for the letter "T", as I am already a Diane Haeger fan from reading previous novels.

In The Ruby Ring, Haeger tells the story of famous painter,  Raphael Sanzio, and his lover, Margherita Luti.  In fact, Raphael used Margherita as a model in several paintings.  The Ruby Ring is a reminiscent novel.  Raphael has died and Margherita has one choice - to join a convent.

The Mother Superior will admit Margherita on the condition shes give the ruby ring she wore in Raphael's "engagement portrait" to the Church or take her chances on the street with no protection.  Before she makes her decision about handing over the ring, Margherita remembers the love she shared.......

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